“Can you imagine your life without a scent?”….

Fushia – it’s all about scent.

Perfume and space fragrances company, candles and soaps, creation of ambiance.

We create luxurious scents. The very best fragrances for the right ambiance.

Our inspiration comes from nature, life and design.

 Therefore, our products are a journey for your senses

Fushia works in both sectors – business and private, and specializes in creating fragrances that induces special ambiance in the space.

For the business sector, we are specializing in Scent marketing and making your personal statement for your business.

For the private sector, we have our own line, and new collections every season.

With us, you can find the perfect solution for perfuming your home, business or any other space, based on your personal taste and design – your own personal signature.

What is “scent marketing”

Scent is one of the most influencing senses on our mind and consciousness.

Use scents that creates a memorable atmosphere.

Scent is about making a statement, and it’s a powerful way for your company to gain loyal customers.

Throw scent, your clients will experience that familiar feeling, empathy and conection to the place ,sales will increase.

This is what we create for you.

“Scent marketing” means brand’s identity.

Creating a personal fragrance for your business, that will be your private signature.

Researches prove that scent has a great influence on the consumerism world, and as a method of remembering places or people.

Sherry Shami Keren, the managing and art director of Fushia – it’s all about scent.

Established the brand in order to put the customer in the right mood, so that the experience will be some more interesting and rich in sensations, memories and thrills.

Sherry’s scented offers solutions customized branding for fashion brands, hotels and restaurants and the private sector, thus creating a perfect match between the atmospheres in a particular place and want to transmit the right scent.

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